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We are the leading tourist car service in Mahableshwar, One of the best hill station in India. We provide various sightseeing Packages for Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani by tourist cars on special & sharing basis. The tourist car will pick you from your hotel & drop you back after the tour is over. One single tourist car accommodates four persons.

The sightseeing arrangements are preset & you are not required to worry about  exploring Mahabaleshwar & probably miss out on some interesting, important points. You are at complete peace of mind not having to haggle with local cabbies, or having to run around to find a suitable transporter to take you to the hill station. The package makes a great gift to newly weds, or couples celebrating their anniversaries.It is possible for a family head to send the ladies & children, or senior citizens, of the house to Mahabaleshwar & be assured that they will be well looked after.

About Mahableshwar


Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in India's forested Western Ghats range, south of Mumbai. It features several elevated viewing points, such as Arthur’s Seat. West of here is centuries-old Pratapgad Fort, perched atop a mountain spur. East, Lingmala Waterfall tumbles off a sheer cliff. Colorful boats dot Venna Lake, while 5 rivers meet at Panch Ganga Temple to the north. It is located at approx.4500 feet of elavation.

Located about 120 km southwest of Pune and 285 km from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a vast plateau, bound by valleys on all sides. It reaches a height of 1,439 m (4,721 ft) at its highest peak above sea level, known as Wilson/Sunrise Point.

Mahabaleshwar comprises three villages: Malcolm Peth, Old "Kshetra" Mahabaleshwar and part of the Shindola village.

Mahabaleshwar is the source of the Krishna River that flows across Maharashtra, KarnatakaTelangana and Andhra Pradesh. The legendary source of the river is a spout from the mouth of a statue of a cow in the ancient temple of Mahadev in Old Mahabaleshwar. Legend has it that Krishna is Lord Vishnu himself as a result of a curse on the trimurtis by Savitri. Also, its tributaries Venna and Koyna are said to be Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma themselves. An interesting thing to notice is that 3 other rivers come out from the cow's mouth apart from Krishna and they all travel some distance before merging into Krishna which flows East towards the Bay of Bengal. These rivers are the KoynaVenna (Veni) and Gayatri. The Savitri river flows Westward via Mahad to the Arabian Sea.

Climate of the area is suitable for cultivation of strawberries, Mahabaleshwar strawberry contributes to about 85 percent of the total strawberry production in the country.

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